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The elegant Antigen species was created with very minimal compromise to overall aesthetic quality. Built for realistic lighting to most accurately represent what the model looks like in Blender / Substance painter!

Customize it, show it off, but most importantly have fun with it. I hope you enjoy the Antigen as much as I did creating it!

Antigen species created by Neochroma @

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Pre-requisites / Uploading assistance:

  1. Verify your using VRChat's current supported Unity version.
  2. Import VRChat's current supported SDK into your new Unity project.
  3. Now you're good to import the Antigen Unity package into your VRC project.
  4. Double click on the "antigen" or "antigen-optimized" scene.

  5. If you'd like, delete what you don't want. When in doubt, just duplicate the model before deleting anything. Just in case!

  6. Upload!

Model Specs / contents:

  • What you'll get: Original Antigen base, optimized Antigen base, optimized armor, original armor, optimized armor undergarments, original armor undergarments, fall sweater, trendy t-shirt, jean pants, and bridal garter.
  • Antigen polygon count: With all accessories the poly count is ~262k polygons.
  • Antigen-optimized polygon count: With all accessories the poly count is much more respectable at ~53k polygons.
  • Material slots used: Antigen body:2, Armor:2, Armor underwear:1, Pants:1, Shirt:1, Sweater:1, Shirt:1, Bridal garter:1.
  • Has facial emotion shapekeys as well as syllables.
  • 4K textures. Substance Painter is highly recommended for retextures! If you'd like a re-texture contact me or another artist of your choice with access to Substance painter. I left the nipples because people liked them so why not lol. Nipples. Speaking of those, the optimized Antigen ships with species correct nipples (8 of them). It's good for making your friends laugh. I've included extra optimized-Antigen body textures that don't have any nipples. You're welcome :p


  • Performance rating ranges from medium to very poor depending on how many assets you want to keep on the model!
  • Phys-bones are applied for the ears, pecs, butt, belly, tail, neck fluff, and tongue.
  • Toggles for the armor, armor underwear, shirt, sweater, pants, and undies. are pre-made.
  • Visemes are pre-applied in Unity
  • Quest uploads are possible. Quest uploads can include 2 extra clothing items. You'll just have to sacrifice the quality of the textures to stay within quest's avatar size limits.
  • Additional toggles can be made easily using Shatter's toggle assistant. I love this tool! Highly recommended :D

Substance Painter:

  • Individual substance painter projects for the body, armor, shirt, pants, and sweater will be provided. Substance painter is needed for the body and armor textures.
  • The shirt, pants, and sweater can be edited pretty easily without need for substance painter.

Legal / TOS:

  • Personal use only. For inquiries regarding commercial use, contact me.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

  • Contact me on Discord! Username: new_color

Update logs:

September 29, 2023: Armor / armor underwear optimization. Dramatic reduction in polygon count for armor. I'm not comfortable with the high poly armor. Making a commitment to optimizing it!

September 30, 2023: Finishing up the armor! Went from 160k polygons to 22k polygons! That didn't take as long as I initially thought! Fixing some quirks with the weight paint and UV maps. Soon I'll wear it on my personal version of the Antigen. If all checks out I'll publish the antigen with the optimized armor as well as the original so you can have the option to use either set of armor! Thank you all <3

October 3, 2023: So, I retopologized the entire body like I probably should have to begin with. Everything is now retopologized. 53k polygons with the antigen body and all the assets I've made for it so far. That's fantastic! Lot better than 260k polygons, huh? ;p

Anyways, bugs are currently being ironed out as I need to tweak some things with the model. Overall, I'm glad I did this. Trying not to allow my craftsmanship be tainted by laziness! :D I'll make a post once the the Unity package is ready to download so my current customers are in the loop as this is still a work in progress (I doubt anyone that already puchased this model is going to look at the listing again). This will be removed once the optimized version of the Antigen is production ready! Thank you all as always!

October 6, 2023: Here's the final product. Tried a new fur material and I really like the way it looks with silver. I'll get the files uploaded today and make a post to notify my customers of the new additions once I finish changes to this listing!

October 22, 2023: Uploaded the optimized version of the Antigen depicted above to Sketchfab so you can see the model before you buy! Take a look at the top of the listing for the link in case you missed it!

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Last updated Sep 28, 2023

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