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Steel Dagger with Scabbard

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A simple steel dagger! Inspired from the "steel dagger" in Skyrim. It is completely modeled / textured from scratch don't sue me Bethesda <3

Under construction, if you'd like to know any more details please feel free to send me a message!

3252 triangles

2 materials used in total.

  • 1 material for rough parts of the dagger & scabbard
  • 1 material for glossy parts of the dagger & scabbard

1 set of textures to use for both materials.

  • Albedo, Occlusion, Height, Normal, Emissive, Metallic

Substance Painter project so you can remove and/or add what you'd like!

This product is not currently for sale.

Substance Project, Blender project, exported textures, fbx

129 MB

Steel Dagger with Scabbard

0 ratings