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Jingle Bælls Festive Belt Buckle

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Festive belt buckle!

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Stickers for your computer?

I also make furry themed stickers! Drawn, printed, and shipped right here in my studio. Check out the link below if you're curious. Thank you!

Pre-requisites / Uploading assistance:

  1. Verify your using VRChat's current supported Unity version.
  2. Import VRChat's current supported SDK into your new Unity project.
  3. Now you're good to import the funny-christmas-tree package into your VRC project.
  4. Go into the new "funny-tree-asset" folder and drag/drop the "funny-tree-scene" into your avatar scene

  5. Drag and drop the "funny-tree" gameobject from your newly imported "funny-tree-scene" into your avatars armature, nested below the hip bone. Delete the "funny-tree-scene" now that you have relocated the "funny-tree". (click on the 3 dots to the right of the scene, select "remove scene").

  6. Now, going back to the Unity viewport. Reposition the belt buckle to your desire!

  7. The physbone and materials should already be applied. Upload time!

Model Specs / contents:

  • Polygon count is 2,158
  • Materials used: 1


Substance Painter:

  • 4k exported textures. If you want to edit the textures I'd highly recommend Substance Painter.
This product is not currently for sale.

Unity package, Blender project, Substance Painter project


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Jingle Bælls Festive Belt Buckle

2 ratings