Nyx Species Furry / Scalie VRChat Avatar Base

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Nyx species by Neochroma @

Pre-requisites / Uploading assistance:

  1. Verify your using VRChat's current supported Unity version.
  2. Import VRChat's currently supported SDK into your new Unity project.
  3. Now you're good to import the Nyx Unity package into your Unity project.
  4. Double click on the "Nyx-scene".
  5. Upload!

Model Specs / contents:

  • Polygon count: With all accessories the poly count is 82.5k (triangles).
  • Material slots used: 8! 2 for Armor, 2 for body, 1 for sword, 1 for sweater, 1 for pants, and lastly 1 for the muscle shirt!
  • Has facial emotion shape keys as well as syllables.
  • 4K textures. Substance Painter is highly recommended for retextures! If you'd like a re-texture contact me or another artist of your choice with access to Substance painter.


  • VRChat Performance rating PC: Poor-Very Poor. Quest: Very poor. You can achieve better ratings by simply deleting the extra clothes if you'd only like to use the armor!
  • Phys-bones are applied for the ears and tail.
  • Toggles created for the sweater, shirt, pants, sword, and armor / armor accessories.
  • Visemes are pre-applied in Unity

Substance Painter:

  • Substance Painter version: 9

Legal / TOS:

  • Personal use only. For inquiries regarding commercial use, contact me.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

  • Contact me on Discord! Username: new_color

Update logs:

Check out my Trello board to view current avatar progress & avatar updates!

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Last updated Dec 26, 2023

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Nyx Species Furry / Scalie VRChat Avatar Base

0 ratings
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