40% OFF🧨IN DESCRIPTION | Snoggle Species VRChat Furry /Scalie Avatar Base

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Snoggle species created by Neochroma @

Borderlands-ish styled creature now featuring a cool gas mask!

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  1. Verify your using VRChat's current supported Unity version.
  2. Import VRChat's current supported SDK into your new Unity project.
  3. Download and import Liltoon shader:
  4. Now you're good to import the Snoggle Unity package into your VRC project.
  5. Double click on the "snoggle" scene and upload!

Model Specs:

  • Combined the character, clothing, and dagger make up 93k~ polygons.
  • There is one material / texture set for each mesh. Three materials / texture sets in total!
  • Syllables!


  • Phys-bones are applied for the ears, pecs, butt, and tail.
  • Toggles for the dagger, scabbard, and clothes.

Legal / TOS:

  • Personal use only. For inquiries regarding commercial use, contact me.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

  • Contact me on Discord! Username: new_color

Update Logs:

Check out my Trello board to view current avatar progress & avatar updates!

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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

You'll have access to all the files I used to create this avatar!

Unity Package
Substance Painter (v9.0) projects
Blender (v4.0) project
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40% OFF🧨IN DESCRIPTION | Snoggle Species VRChat Furry /Scalie Avatar Base

3 ratings
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