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This Full body tracking compatible anthro / scalie Snoggle character was created with very minimal compromise to overall aesthetic quality. Built for realistic lighting to most accurately represent what the model looks like in Blender / Substance painter!

Snoggle species created by Neochroma @

Snoggle stickers 👀:

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  1. Verify your using VRChat's current supported Unity version.
  2. Import VRChat's current supported SDK into your new Unity project.
  3. Now you're good to import the Snoggle Unity package into your VRC project.
  4. Double click on the "snoggle" scene.

    and upload!

Model Specs:

  • Combined the character, clothing, and dagger make up 129,449 polygons. This is a species accurate male model. He's a male and has a penis (toggle is set up in the Unity package). Also, This model draws a lot of attention. If that's your thing then this might be the right fit for you!
  • There are two materials for each mesh. Six materials in total if you're using the dagger mesh. Can be uploaded to quest if you don't upload the dagger & scabbard mesh.
  • No emotions are available for the face yet! Emotion shapekeys for happy, sad, angry, and other facial expressions will come in the future as I get the time to create them in Blender and apply the shapekey emotions in Unity.
  • 4K textures. Substance Painter is highly recommended for retextures! If you'd like a re-texture contact me or another artist of your choice with access to Substance painter.


  • Phys-bones are applied for the ears, nose, pecs, butt, tail, penis.
  • Toggles for the dagger, scabbard, clothes, and penis are pre-made.
  • Additional toggles can be made easily using Shatter's toggle assistant. I love this tool! Highly recommended :D

Legal / TOS:

  • Personal use only. For inquiries regarding commercial use, contact me.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

  • Contact me on Discord! Username: new_color
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

You get: Snoggle Unity package, Blender projects, Substance Painter(verson: 7.2.3) projects.


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Snoggle Species VRChat 3.0 SDK Scalie Avatar

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